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News at Dörken MKS

Hands-on fair presentation

The fact that the firm’s highly-capable micro layers are also suitable for large components with difficult geometry was demonstrated by Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Herdecke, with an impressive presentation at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt.


IAA fair presentation: Chassis coating of Dörken MKS

Dörken MKS is going to present a fully assembled chassis.


Groupe PSA specifications fulfilled!

A new challenge is overcome: following intensive research and extensive testing, the zinc flake system from Dörken MKS has been included in the specifications of the Groupe PSA car company and can now be used to coat the latest generation of hybrid brake discs.


Dörken MKS: The Corrosion Experts

Welcome to the experts for corrosion protection and surface protection. Discover our solutions for a better, corrosion-free world. Our mission: your success.

Our coating solutions

Zinc flake

Leading industries have relied on zinc flake technology for over 30 years. This process plays to its strengths in the processing of small bulk parts such as screws, clips and spring band clips – with extremely low coat thickness and high durability.



The best of two worlds: cathodic protecting basecoats such as a zinc or zinc flake coating with an optically-attractive black organic topcoat.



Our electroplating protection system is process-safe, highly-efficient and offers superb corrosion protection and fastening properties at globally-uniform quality standards.


Coil Coating

As a development partner we serve a highly specialised niche-market with coil coating products for longterm surface- and corrosion protection, as well as special applications for the steel segment.

Your career at Dörken MKS

Your career at Dörken MKS

Dörken MKS is a young, internationally-oriented company. As part of the Dörken Group Dörken MKS offers a wide range of different and specialist professions. In this, Dörken MKS combines the advantages of a family-run corporate group with the opportunities offered by a globally-present company. Discover your career opportunities within the Dörken Group.



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