DELTA®-SBA blasting additive

Avoid grease deposits on components

Production processes with steel are often greasy and oily. Oils temporarily protect against corrosion, as well as being used as grease or lubricating oils. However, the grease and oil has to be removed again in downstream processes – for example for effective corrosion protection coating – to ensure that coatings can adhere to the metallic substrate. To achieve this, the components concerned are degreased and blasted. Even if this work is undertaken carefully, grease residue often remains, with this in turn rendering the subsequent coating process more difficult or having a negative influence on the quality of the coated components. In cases such as these the use of special blasting aids is recommended.


Blasting aid for effective grease avoidance: DELTA®-SBA

As a high-performance blasting aid, DELTA®-SBA separates oils and grease in the blasting process from blasting agents and absorbs these reliably.
DELTA®-SBA is simply dosed behind the wind separator in the blasting facility, passing through the blasting process. The benchmark here is the addition of 50 grams per hour per ton of blasting material. The average time spent in the blasting agent cycle is five to six cycles. Following the blasting process, the surfaces that are to be treated are perfectly prepared for the subsequent coating. The enduring removal of the oils enables process reliability to be significantly increased – any fluctuations from the upstream cleaning process are safely evened out. A positive side effect: the lifetime of blasting material and filters is increased, in turn saving costs and set-up time.

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Special solutions

In addition to the four core technologies zinc flake, electroplating, KTL and coil coating, we also offer further capable solutions for special areas of use. You can also obtain these from us as a non-licensee.


Scaling protection

If raw materials, components or semi-finished products are exposed to great heat during their processing, uncontrolled scaling occurs. If this is not removed, it can have a negative influence on subsequent work processes.


Welding spatter protection

Whether it is in manufacturing processes or in engineering: when pressure and heat result in small particles being emitted from welded surfaces, sparks are created.



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