A good basis: zinc flake basecoats

The basecoat series from Dörken MKS are the basis for a wide range of requirements and areas of use. And we have been continuously improving our basecoats for 30 years, adapting them to specific customer requirements and changing market situations.

Basecoat – the principle

The basecoat is the actual zinc flake coating, applied directly to the substrate. The application technology can vary, depending on component. The dip spin process is typical for bulk products. The basecoat determines the corrosion protection characteristics of the system, with the zinc responsible for the cathodic protection.

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Zinc flake

Leading industries have relied on zinc flake technology for over 30 years. This process plays to its strengths in the processing of small bulk parts such as screws, clips and spring band clips – with extremely low coat thickness and high durability.



The requirements for topcoats are high; as a result, Dörken MKS offers a large range with different, individually-varying characteristics.



Each case requires an special application. Only when the coating solution is fine-tuned to the task and all components are perfectly aligned optimal corrosion protection can be achieved.



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