The perfect addition: top coats

The requirements for topcoats are high; as a result, Dörken MKS offers a large range with different, individually-varying characteristics.

Topcoats – the principle

Topcoats complement the characteristics of the basecoat or galvanic substrate: they increase corrosion resistance. However, their primary tasks are set coefficients of friction, chemical and mechanical resistance, colouring overcoatability etc.

Your requirement:coefficient of friction

You need defined coefficients of friction like for example

  • 0,09-0,14 µges at VDA & VW
  • 0,11-0,17 µges at Ford
  • 0,10-0,16 µges at GM and
  • 0,12-0,18 µges at PSA/Renault
  • or the K-Faktor 0,18-0,21 at Hyundai-Kia.

Our solutions:

All products with integrated lubricant (GZ) have a set coefficient of friction, variously customised to different market requirements with the different coefficient of friction windows

The transparent, water-based topcoats DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 301 GZ, DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 301.1 GZ, DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 302 GZ are all suited for zinc flake basecoats. The following topcoats are also transparent and water-based, but they are additionally suited for electroplated surfaces: DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 351 GZ, DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 353 GZ and DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 361 GZ.
Furthermore, there are some coloured alternatives, such as the slight green, water-based DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 318 GZ, the black DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 321 GZ, the silver DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 331 GZ as well as the black, solvent-based DELTA-PROTEKT® VL 451 GZ and DELTACOLL® 80 GZ – yet, the last one is only for electroplated surfaces.

Also the following product have tailored coefficient of frictions – even though there is no „GZ“ in their name:

The transparent, water-based DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 315, the black, water-based DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 325, and the water-based lubrications DELTA-LUBE® 10 green and blue and the DELTA-LUBE® 20.

Your requirements: resistance to media

Do you require topcoats with a high resistance to media such as chemicals and fertiliser? The use of selected acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane resins ensures that our topcoats deliver outstanding resistance to various different media with corresponding coverage/curing.

Our solutions:

DELTA®-SEAL variants, the black DELTA-PROTEKT® VL 450 or DELTA-PROTEKT® VT 600, but also the silver DELTA-PROTEKT® VL 411.

Your requirements: resistance to weathering

Resistance to weathering, such as UV effects, represents a different requirement. Here we use bonding agent systems that are not destroyed by UV exposure. This allows us to do away with the need for normal organic epoxy resins as well as other typical components, as these begin to chalk when exposed to UV rays, resulting in the destruction of the film or at least yellowing. Combinations of different bonding agents (such as acrylic and polyurethane) are used to achieve an optimal result with regard to appearance and function.

Our solutions:

the black DELTA-PROTEKT® VL 450, specially developed for weather resistance. Or the white DELTA-PROTEKT® VL 420.

Your requirements: scratch resistance

If a coating is required for especially high scratch resistance, we use a very hard, low-molecular bonding agent as the basis for the coating. These bonding agents form a highly stable and close-knit network, which prevents damage to the film.

Our solutions:

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 340 or a DELTA® -SEAL variant.

The perfect coating for your application

The choice of the coating system best suited to you is a complex one. We are therefore always ready to help with advice and assistance. Simply tell us your specifications catalogue and we will be happy to find the matching solution for you, including with regard to colour, degree of shine, adhesion, coatability etc. If we do not have a suitable product in our portfolio, we will also develop an individual one for you. Find out more about how we work.

Your contact
Tobias Thomma
Tel: +49 2330 9134075

We will gladly help you to pick the appropriate topcoat for your needs.



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