Consistent implementation of the Dörken MKS licensing system in Brazil establishes trust






Consistent implementation of the Dörken MKS licensing system in Brazil establishes trust


With its new contact for OEMs in South and Central America Doerken do Brasil delivers a high degree of technical consulting expertise. Brazil is and remains a promising future market for Dörken MKS-Systeme. In order to flexibly support this and further key markets in South and Central America, the worldwide certification and licensing system of Dörken MKS-Systeme is also being implemented in Brazil – as was already announced a year ago at the first TechDay in Sao Paulo. The goal is to also satisfy the high demands of automotive OEMs here and to secure a uniformly-high level of quality for the use of DELTA-MKS® systems worldwide. The company has conducted licensing negotiations with all purchasing customers in Brazil. Four in-house coaters or job coaters are now available with their organisation to support the Brazilian subcontracting sector; they are now members of the worldwide Dörken network and as licensed partner companies can also call on a wide range of services in the scope of the technical support of Dörken MKS-Systeme. Since the beginning of the year Robinson Bittencourt Lara, an employee with a high level of technical consulting expertise, has been acting as contact for the local manufacturing automobile industry. Non-licensed customers will no longer be supplied as of 01 July. Alongside the in-house coaters Manzato Fixadores Autoperfurantes, Transtechnology Brasil Ind. e Com. and Fixar Industrial Ltda. of Bahia, Zincagem Martins Ltda., an established, globally-active job coater, is the first job coater to signed a licensing agreement with Dörken. Adriana Martins, Managing Director of Zincagem, reiterated the commitment to focus on quality with DELTA-MKS® products exclusively. The fully-automated sprayline facility launched in co-operation with Dörken is the first of its kind in Brazil and corresponds to the required technical standards, as well as demonstrating that high standards of quality can also be provided at a competitive price. A further DipSpin unit was installed at the end of June. The contact details of Mr Lara and the coaters can be found on our homepage