Corrosion protection for the Iranian automobile industry






Corrosion protection for the Iranian automobile industry


Dörken MKS informs at trade conference

At a high-level trade conference of the Iranian automotive supplier SAPCO in Tehran corrosion protection was one of the central themes – a clear case for the corrosion experts at Dörken MKS.

High-performance zinc flake systems for the automobile branch

SAPCO – Supplying Automotive Component Parts Co – is the largest manufacturer of automotive parts in Iran and supplies the country’s state-owned vehicle manufacturers. More than 60 experts from the automotive supply industry, research, engineering and purchasing fields took up the invitation of the company to come to Tehran for a trade conference on 14 August, to discuss the latest market developments and challenges. Within this context, Ian Davies (Dörken MKS Global Sales) was invited to present a three-hour compact seminar on the subject of corrosion protection for vehicle components. Amongst other aspects, the expert took a detailed look at the optimal surface coating of brake discs as well as the difference between water-based and solvent-based zinc flake systems.

In the end, the participants all agreed: the presentation was an ideal opportunity for them to expand their expertise regarding modern corrosion protection solutions – and for Dörken MKS a chance to make new business contacts in the Iranian car industry.