Dörken MKS-Systeme open new office and TechCenter in Shanghai






Dörken MKS-Systeme open new office and TechCenter in Shanghai


The Chinese Dörken Days took place in Shangai 17th till 18th February 2014. Within this context the new Dörken MKS-Systeme (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. office was opened in the district of Zhabei. Due to the bigger size and for the operative business opportune head office the company presents the clear commitment to the growth market China. It also sends a definite signal to local and international OEMs. 2005 Dörken MKS-Systeme started with a small representation in Shanghai in order to supervise eleven licence holders locally. In the meantime the Chinese base has already grown spatially. It looks after 18 licence holders and possesses an own TechCentre from which Chinese and Western automotive manufacturers as well as companies from the supply and suppliers chain are supervised by local employees. Due to the move into the new offices even the company’s service willingness can improve: more effective, more efficient, less complicated. Those claims shall help Andrej von Hofman (General Manager China) and his team to fulfil the clients’ demands even more precisely. This also includes the fulfilment of globally valid and globally similar specifications that need to be fulfilled with the same quality all over the world. After the ceremonial opening the new offices with participating representatives from representatives from the whole supply chain – such as international and national OEMs like VW and GM Shanghai and Great Wall, automotive and wind energy tiers as well as all Chinese licence holders – began the actual conference. As special guests the president and vice president of the “The special and professional coating committee of China surface engineering association” and the deputy mayor of the Zhabei district were welcomed. After Dörken MKS-CEO Dr. Martin delivered the opening speech about the global market and the positive outlook, the „Global Dörken Audit System” (GDAS) was among others announced as president of the global automotive market. There, the licence holders are audited once every twelve months in order to ensure a worldwide consistently high quality standard of coating processes of the Delta-MKS® Systeme. Alongside, the new shot blasting additive Delta-SBA® and the new product line Delta-Prozinc® were presented, a reliable, highly efficient and environmentally friendly electroplating-system with distinguishing corrosion and bolting features. A special focus was on the new black surface. This highlight was of special interest among the participants. More detailed information on this system can be found in the box next to this news.