Lightweight construction summit






Lightweight construction summit


Around 300 specialists met at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg on 18 and 19 March for the 2014 Automobile Industry Lightweight Construction Summit, with the key question how to safeguard the mix of new material modifications in the lightweight construction value chain. Information, trend scouting and networking were therefore also on the agenda for Dörken MKS-Systeme. The Dörken MKS-Systeme portfolio already has the solution for aluminium construction: the Delta-Protekt® VH 301.1 GZ top coat, which has already set standards of efficiency and quality as a tribological premium top coat. It satisfies stringent requirements such as double tightening in the yield point against aluminium. Launched on the market as recently as 2011, the top coat is now in continuous use with nearly all German OEMs. The presentation in Würzburg also illustrated the fact that it is sometimes the proven solutions that achieve the best results with new components or components constructed in a different manner. For example, F. Porsche AG utilises intelligent lightweight construction with its new 911 model, with innovative steel lightweight construction used in addition to aluminium and magnesium – for example for the rear axle carrier. The extreme mechanical stress that this component is subjected to means that maximum corrosion protection is required, with cathodic protection a key requirement of the new model. A classic Delta-MKS® system structure fulfilled all expectations in corrosion tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227 following prior stone impacting with exposure time of over 1,000 hours, with the consequence that this was specified for the rear subframe. Lightweight construction in the automobile sector is set to remain a key issue for Dörken-MKS-Systeme, as highlighted by the company’s involvement as shareholder in acs – Automotiv Center Südwestfalen. This collaboration between the automotive sector, universities and municipalities in the region sees itself as a platform for development work and knowledge transfer between automobile manufacturers, subcontractors and university institutes with the goal of promoting the reduction of weight in car manufacturing. Dörken regards this interaction with numerous acclaimed co-shareholders as a key gain with regard to knowledge and expertise.