New Tech-Center opens in China






New Tech-Center opens in China


On 10th November 2010, Dörken MKS Systems heralded a new phase in its development of the Chinese growth market. A new Tech-Center was opened in Shanghai, which will give the company’s clients local access to technical advice and support. Adding to the facilities in Herdecke, Detroit, Sao Paulo and Seoul, this thus became the company’s fifth Tech-Center. Around 100 guests from the automotive, supplier and wind power sectors, plus representatives of plant construction firms and the Chinese trade press came to Shanghai to view the new facilities, which are equipped with a modern laboratory for coating and application tests.
Staff at Dörken MKS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. can now perform sample coatings of DELTA-MKS zinc flake systems using the familiar dip-and-spin or spray application techniques on site in China. Tests relating to the adhesion and friction coefficient of surfaces and to the corrosion resistance and trueness of gauge of nuts and bolts can now also be run locally. The thickness of layers and the build-up of coated parts are checked using a magnetic flow meter and metallographic cross-sections. The new Tech-Center is another milestone in ensuring high quality levels wherever DELTA-MKS systems are used around the globe.